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Smart Home Gift Guide For Any Price Range

Amazon Echo with Haiku fan

The holiday season is here and smart home technology is huge this year. These connected products are new and exciting. They’re fun to use and even more fun to show off. Make sure your gift is the one they remember. Here’s a list of great smart home gift ideas no matter your price range! Read More

5 Cool Smart Gadgets For Your Apartment

Some smart home devices require professional installation and permanent alterations. If you live in an apartment, that may limit which gadgets you can install. Fortunately, there are still a number of products you can use to turn your rental into a smart apartment.

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9 Smart Products For Intelligent Parents And Healthy Babies

It’s 3 am and you wake up startled. Is your baby still breathing? You get out of bed, run to their room as quietly as possible, and peek in their crib. Relief floods over you as you realize you, once again, overreacted. Raising a child isn’t for the faint of heart. Check out these 8 products to make your life easier today.

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