iBaby M6S Baby Monitor Review

I don’t know about you but my baby doesn’t sleep. He just doesn’t. Sound familiar? The iBaby Monitor may help your baby sleep but its real purpose is to help parents rest easier. Every time your baby cries doesn’t warrant a trip to their room now. This really saves on the very little energy you do have. Don’t worry, I still go to him if he is really upset. Even if your baby does sleep, it can still help you rest easier.

I was shocked how quickly I fell in love with the iBaby. I didn’t anticipate the amount of calm I would feel. And believe it or not, I really did sleep more. Any parent that is struggling with a baby that won’t sleep will tell you, anything that helps you sleep is absolute gold. Let’s dive into why this product is so magical and you can be the judge for yourself.

iBaby M6S Baby Monitor Overview

The iBaby is just really fun to play with. It has a lot of different features but here are the cliff notes:

  • Connects to WiFi and syncs to your phone
  • Listen and talk features
  • Music selection lets you play a lullaby
  • Photo and video taking and sharing capabilities

Video Quality

The video quality on the iBaby is excellent. I was able to make out every detail of my son’s room even in the dark! The only thing annoying about the image quality was when I used night vision, anything white in his room tended to glow very brightly. So, when I was looking at my son in his bed at night with his white blanket on him, it was a little difficult to make out details. Otherwise, I had no complaints about the HD quality video.

Wireless and Syncing Capabilities

The wireless feature is awesome but even better is the fact it can sync up to your phone. The application you download with the system works really well. The only time I had any issue is if I tried to use it too close to the camera itself. That was just when I was testing it out. For some reason when I was about 5 feet away, my husband couldn’t hear me through the talk feature. However, it works like a champ from our bedroom to our son’s room.

I really must elaborate more on why syncing to your phone is so spectacular. The ability to grab your phone when your baby is crying and see what is wrong instantly is just wonderful. Even if you live in a smaller house or apartment, this is useful. When you are exhausted, just getting out of bed and walking a few feet to your baby’s crib is painful.

There were so many times where I could have cried I was so happy that I didn’t have to walk down to our son’s room. I heard him start to cry and then promptly checked on him on the app. When I realized his eyes were still closed, and he was just tossing around a bit, I just watched him until he fell back asleep a few minutes later.

Normally, I would have walked 10 feet down the hallway, picked him up (which probably wakes him up now that I know his eyes are usually closed when he begins to cry) and then try to soothe him back to sleep. Now, I watch from the comfort of my bed for a few minutes and if he wakes up I go to him. Otherwise, I just roll over and fall back asleep. I have gotten SO much more sleep because of this method.

As if the WiFi and phone syncing wasn’t enough, my husband can sync up to the iBaby as well. He usually works later in the evening and texts asking if he can help if our son is crying. Now, he can just open up the app and see if I am already in there or perhaps waiting it out. He will come up right away if, by some miracle, I am sleeping through it. It really is handy in that regard as well.

Listen and Talk Features

I really appreciate this feature for a number of reasons. First of all, with other baby monitors I have used, the sound is always on. This is great if your child doesn’t wake up every hour or so. Even when my son was a newborn, I was ok with that because I wanted to know every time he even moved. Now that he is a one-year-old, I really like just waiting to hear him cry naturally. He is plenty loud enough to hear from just down the hall.

However, if I am on the other level of our house, I will put the listen feature on so I know when he is crying right away. If he was still really young I would probably have it on all the time too. There is a nice feature where the app will alert you to movement and sound which is just plain incredible. This is what feature I would use if my son was in the 4 to 9-month range.

The talking feature is really nice too. I liked that I could tell my little guy I was coming if he was upset and I was outside or downstairs. He knew I heard him and wasn’t left crying “alone” per se.

Music Selection

I was really excited about this feature when I first started using the iBaby. There are a lot of lullabies provided and you can download more if you want. I thought this would be a great way to get my baby back to sleep instead of me going to him. Unfortunately, my little man is very stubborn and it didn’t work, but I bet it will work for some people!

Photo and Video Taking Abilities

Taking photos and videos of my kiddo from the app was not something I anticipated using or liking. I tried it out when I first started it up just to see what it was like and I was impressed.

However, I soon found myself taking little videos and snapshots to send to relatives when he was being extra goofy playing in his room or snoring in his sleep. It was fun to be able to catch him in his element without him knowing I was there.

Air Quality Sensor

The air quality sensor was another bell and whistle I didn’t think would matter to me. I was wrong. I really enjoyed seeing the “excellent” read out. It made me feel comfortable and relaxed about the room my baby spends most of his time in. When you are a parent, you worry constantly. This was just another reassurance that helped me calm down.

Temperature and Humidity Read Outs

The temperature and humidity readout was a feature that my husband loved. I didn’t really care too much. I was happy that the temperature was at a nice level for him but otherwise didn’t give it a second thought. The humidity read out had my husband checking his app every morning and night. He really liked having state of the art humidity detection to keep the humidity at just the right level.

Privacy Settings

Ok, I’m not the most open person. I definitely like my privacy. I don’t overshare on Facebook and I never will. That being said, I was a little worried about giving people access to see our little guy in his room. I was especially thinking of those nighttime nursing sessions and how I was going to have to throw a blanket over the iBaby just for peace of mind.

Lucky for me, and you by the way, there are excellent privacy settings. You can pick and choose who sees what at what times. That was really nice for me. I didn’t have to worry about who was creeping on me in the middle of the night. I bet no one ever was, but now I was sure.

Easy Set Up

The installation is dummy proof. If I could do it with a glass of wine while watching a baby walk around, anyone can. Installation with technology is something I don’t excel at and I get frustrated easily. This was seamless.

The installation instructions that come with the iBaby are short and sweet. The box also boasts you can install it in under 1 minute. Now, like I said, I was multitasking, but I still don’t think you can install it in under a minute. If they had said under three minutes, I would have let them get away with it though and that is still really fast for the powerful machine you are getting.

All you have to do is plug it in, download the app, and let it sync. Done. I’m sure if you have ultra-lightning-fast internet, someone could install this in under a minute. However, my mediocre internet, glass of wine, and wild child had me installing it in about five minutes.

I was still impressed when it was ready to go, and actually was surprised to see myself show up on my phone screen so fast. I also wondered why no one told me to pull myself together that day, but that is part of being a parent I guess. Hence, the glass of wine!

What I Didn’t Like

I try to be really honest in my reviews and if there is something wrong, I express that opinion. However, I had a really hard time finding anything wrong with the iBaby M6S. I have used other baby gadgets and been more than frustrated with them, but this one just worked like a gem.

The only time I have ever had issues was for a ridiculous reason. My husband had unplugged it, three times in the course of time I had the iBaby before writing this. I asked him not to, but you know how that goes. I thought it was faulty because it would say no signal. Turns out, having it turned on is vital to it working. Go figure!

The other complaint I have is that the camera panning is a little touchy. Part of this is definitely because my screen protector is wonky. However, I do still think that there is an issue here. It seems like once you stop your finger it goes just a little further. I don’t know if it is a mechanical issue with the camera or if it is with the application itself but it is definitely there. It’s not that big of an issue but slightly annoying.

There really wasn’t anything else that I could find wrong with it. I tried, I really did. There just never was a glitch or anything that annoyed me. I tried out all of the features and those two complaints are it!

The Verdict

The iBaby M6S is an excellent video baby monitor. I don’t think I could ever buy a different one after using this. It has excellent video, all the bells and whistles, and best of all leaves me more relaxed about leaving my baby alone. That is something you really can’t put a price on. The more sleep or rest you can get, the better parent you will be. Trust me on this one!

My sleepless nights are now filled with a little more sleep and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. How naive I was to think I just wanted this thing for the camera. The iBaby is an investment worth making whether you have a sleeping baby (you have no idea how lucky you are) or not. It will make your life just that much easier.

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