Smart Home Gift Guide For Any Price Range

Smart Home Gift Guide For Any Price Range

Amazon Echo with Haiku fan

The holiday season is here and smart home technology is huge this year. These connected products are new and exciting. They’re fun to use and even more fun to show off. Make sure your gift is the one they remember. Here’s a list of great smart home gift ideas no matter your price range!

iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Give someone the gift of time and convenience with a robotic vacuum cleaner. Schedule the Roomba 650 to clean up to 7 times per week. Watch it navigate around obstacles and automatically dock and charge itself. iRobot is the company that started the robot vacuum cleaner hysteria over a decade ago. They’re still churning out innovation and the Roomba 650 is currently their most popular offering.


Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat

Save your gift recipient some money with the Nest Learning Thermostat. Plus, the stylish looks of this technology will be sure to impress their friends. The Nest learns your schedule and adjusts your home’s temperature accordingly to save you money (up to 15% on energy bills according to Nest).

Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat

The Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat is the gadget lover’s smart thermostat. It doesn’t have the schedule learning capabilities of the Nest (compare the two here), but it does have a whole host of customizable options. It also collects up to 18 months of usage data to help you spot problems or potential savings.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

It’s fun to answer the door from your couch, or even from anywhere in the world! If you’re buying for a homeowner, a video doorbell is an excellent gift. It gives them convenience and security as well as a little bit of fun. The Ring Pro is a top of the line choice. It has HD quality video, great infrared night vision, and on demand surveillance of the front door. Click here for more details on the Ring Pro.

August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is a great gift because it can be installed just about anywhere. It mounts on top of an existing deadbolt on the inside of the door. Outside, everything is still the same except a key is no longer needed. Just press a button on the app to lock or unlock and August does the rest. Pair the August smart lock with a smart doorbell and you can have yourself a fully functioning doorman at your fingertips!


Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo may be the most fun grown-up toy you could give this holiday season. The Amazon Echo is the connected speaker that is home to Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa. It can answer whatever goofy question you have or vulgar insult you shout at Alexa. The Echo can also be your smart home control center. Many popular smart devices can be controlled with your voice through the Echo.


Nest Protect smoke & carbon monoxide alarm

At first glance, the Nest Protect may seem a little spendy for a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. But, it’s a smart alarm! It can connect to all other Nest Protects in the house and to other smart products. If a carbon monoxide alert goes off, have the thermostat shut down the furnace. Or, if a smoke alarm goes off, unlock all the doors. These are just a couple examples. It also connects to your smartphone and will send alerts if an alarm is triggered.

Chamberlain MYQ-G0201 Smart Garage Door Opener

How many times have you went to open your garage door with your boring opener and thought, “I wish I could do this with my smartphone”? Well, the answer for me is zero, but I know some people whose garage is almost nicer than their house. I bet they’d be thrilled to open the Chamberlain MYQ this holiday season.

Samsung SmartThings Hub

Bring all your smart home devices together under one app with the Samsung SmartThings hub. If you’re buying for a seasoned smart home geek the SmartThings hub may not be necessary. But for a smart home newbie, it will be the perfect gift for them to start building a smart home.

Stocking Stuffers

Amazon Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is the Amazon Echo’s mini me. It can do everything the big Echo can do, too. The only difference is that Echo Dot lacks the nice big speaker which means you won’t get great sound out of the Dot. However, it does have an audio jack if you feel the need to connect a bigger speaker.



Google Home Mini


Philips Hue

Wyze Cam

Happy Holidays and happy shopping!


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