Somabar Robotic Bartender: Cocktails In 5 Seconds Or Less

Ladies and gentlemen step right up because the 21st century is coming to your in-home bar. Order your cocktail from your phone then get ready to drink. Place your glass under the spout and press the button. The Somabar robotic bartender will mix and pour your drink within 5 seconds with no tip needed.

How Does The Somabar Work?

The Somabar pumps a precise amount of liquid every time you press the button. It uses positive displacement pumps to measure and pump the liquid simultaneously. Each revolution of the pump corresponds to a certain volume of fluid. Electronically, it’s very easy to count and control revolutions, so this way it’s also easy to control volume.

somabar pod process

What does that mean for your drinks? It means you get repeatable results. Now you can tweak your drink recipes to your individual tastes and be sure you’ll be able to reproduce the results.

There are other more expensive robotic cocktail makers that simply dump each ingredient into the glass and trust that the dumping action will mix it enough. This is not a very reliable way of mixing. The Somabar mixes all the ingredients together as it’s flowing towards the pouring spout. It pumps the liquids through a pipe with several vanes strategically placed within it. Through the magic of fluid dynamics, the different liquids get thoroughly mixed together as they flow through the tube together. By the time it is dispensed into your glass, the cocktail is fully mixed.

somabar mixing

The best part about this method of mixing is that it doesn’t require any moving parts. That’s one less motor or set of bearings that could wear out and send your automatic bartender to the repair shop.

Convenient Features

Remember having to rinse out the mixing cup every time you decide to make a different flavor drink? That’s no longer an issue with the Somabar. Each time you switch between drinks, the system automatically flushes with water to ensure the flavors don’t mix together.somabar features

The Soma Pods are your new liquor bottles. They look like simple cylinders but they are a little more exciting than that. They are equipped with a friction-fit sealing mechanism that provides an easy open/close air tight seal for your liquor. These can be your new liquor storage containers. It also easily snaps into and out of the Somabar for use or storage.

Don’t worry about constantly having to refill the containers. Each of the six big Soma pods holds 750mL. That’s a total of 4.5 liters of booze which comes out to 101 shots! The Somabar is literally a party in a box.

The Somabar Mobile App

Any smart appliance isn’t complete without its own app. The Somabar puts all the power of using the Somabar in the palm of your hands as long as your hands are holding your smartphone. They trust in the app so much that there is not even any screen on the machine. The only way to order your drink is from the app.

The Somabar app will analyze the spirits you have loaded in the Soma pods and automatically suggest cocktails that can be made from those ingredients.

The app tracks the level of liquor in each soma pod and will let you know when one is about to run out.phone2

How many times have you mixed that last drink of the night that turned out to be 90% booze? You wake up feeling like death and swearing you will never drink again. The Somabar app allows you to choose how strong you want to make your drink. Simply adjust the dial on the app from weak to strong and get a repeatable result every time.

Have you ever thought back in awe of some delicious drink you managed to cook up but were never able to reproduce once you were sober? It may have just been drunken taste buds. But there was a chance that it was a stroke of genius in the midst of your intoxication. Well, if you use the Somabar you may never have to wonder again. You can save the recipes you make for future use or for reference of what NOT to do. Once you do perfect your perfect cocktail, you can upload the recipe to share with all the Somabar cocktail enthusiasts around the world. Just a friendly word of advice: start the night with your creative cocktails because as the night goes on, the chances you come up with a miraculous stroke of genius tend to wither away.

When Can I Get A Somabar?

Will Somabar actually be produced? I sure hope so! Somabar got its start with a Kickstarter campaign and their initial ship date was July 2015.  It’s July 2016 as I’m writing this so they are already one year overdue.

Although some Kickstarter campaigns fail and never come to life (just like any business), I don’t think this will be one of those. Back in January, the Somabar made some headlines by winning an award at CES 2016 for Best Innovation for home appliances.

Latest reports indicate they are now in the process of beta testing. They plan to start shipping new orders in the fall of 2017 so hopefully a finished product will reach consumers soon.

The price of a finished Somabar after the pre-order period is tentatively set at $699. If you wish to pre-order right now, you can reserve one for $429 plus shipping.

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