Blueair Aware Indoor Air Quality Monitor Review

Owning a Blueair Classic air purifier means you have one of the better air purification devices available. What could possibly make it even better? Answer: The Blueair Aware Indoor Air Quality Monitor, of course. It gives you real-time information on the air quality inside your home by itself. But, pair it with the air purifier and it can completely automate your air purifier’s operation.


Quietly Monitor Your Indoor Environment

Virtually any air purifier is going to improve your indoor environment – at least to some degree. But do you ever wonder about the actual quality of the indoor air you and your family have been breathing in day after day?

Now there’s an effective way to continually assess all of these invisible airborne contaminants in a way that’s compatible with your Blueair air purifier.

The Blueair Aware tracks airborne particles of various types including particulate matter, VOCs, and carbon dioxide. It also measures temperature and humidity and it sends this data wirelessly every five minutes to your Blueair Friend app (see more details) running on your IOS or Android device. This provides you with all the information you need to make small (or large) tweaks to improve the quality of your indoor air.

If you want the ultimate in “smart” air purification – there are three components to the operation. There’s your air purifier, the Blueair Aware indoor air quality monitor, and the Blueair Friend App that runs on your smart phone or tablet. With all three – you have maximum control and accessibility.

Let’s say you have a bit of a drive home from work each day. With the mobile app, you can turn on your device and freshen the air before you get home.

The Blueair Aware is the key to wireless connectivity, so that you get data sent directly to your smart phone as it happens. It pairs easily with other Blueair devices and setting up the app is quick and easy.

Although the Blueair Classic air purifier comes in a variety of sizes to suit small to large rooms, the Blueair Aware works with them all to automate the process. It’s worry-free air purification accessible 24/7 from your smartphone.

Dangers Are Everywhere

Air quality is one of those things we often take for granted. Most of us don’t give it a lot of thought unless there’s a noticeable problem. You breathe it in, then breathe out. But the problem is that sometimes the air quality is terrible inside our homes and we need to invest in a quality purifier to improve the air quality.

The problem with most contaminants in the air is that they are largely unseen. The Blueair Aware monitors your indoor air for such things as the VOCs (including formaldehyde and benzene), airborne particles, carbon dioxide, dust, organic compounds, metals, mold, smoke, and pollen.

You know that your device is working when you see the quality of the air suddenly change. This can be due to a number of reasons, such as how many people are inside a room, cooking in the kitchen, or cleaning with chemicals.

With Blueair Aware, your air-quality is monitored constantly and is collected in real-time and updated via Wi-Fi every five minutes. So you’ll have real-time data as well as historical data at your fingertips.

Who Is The Blueair Aware Best For?

Anyone who…

  • already owns a Blueair Classic or Blueair Sense purifier
  • is concerned about the quality of air inside their home or office
  • wants to assess the quality of that air
  • wants to identify potential sources of pollution
  • wants to see if their air purifier is actually producing a positive result in reducing airborne contaminants

How It Works

You simply place the Blueair Aware in the room you want to monitor. Set it on a flat, stable base where there’s plenty of air circulation on all sides.

Ideally, you want to set it at the height of your nose. This is the most accurate way to measure the air you’re taking in. For example, you might choose to set it on a mantle or bookshelf. In the bedroom, you can place it on your night table. The more open the area, the better the air analysis as well as the Wi-Fi connection.

This device provides silent operation. Its visual display includes glowing LED lights to alert the user during set up and to indicate the quality of the air at any time.

The Blueair Aware is a compact unit at 3 inches wide by 3 inches deep by 7.6 inches high. It weighs just 1.1 pounds. It includes a USB power adapter for use with a standard 110 V outlet.

Built-in air sensors help monitor the quality of your air. It gives you a series of snapshots as to what it is your breathing and this can be quite revealing, if not shocking, at times. It’s particularly true when there’s no quality air purifier in place, or the one that’s there has clogged filters.

It also measures temperature and humidity. Humidity is important in creating an atmosphere or environment that is difficult for mold to establish itself.


  • In auto mode, you can completely stop worrying about the quality of your air as the Aware monitors it for purity and cleanliness and adjusts the purifier accordingly.
  • The Blueair Aware provides consistent measurements. There are some variations – as there is with all delicate sensors. But if you look at overall results over a period of time, you’ll discover that it’s generally pretty consistent. If you’re looking for a better understanding of where you can improve your air-quality or what those problems happen to be – this will help point you in the right direction.
  • The app provides daily, weekly, and monthly reports. What it does not provide is up-to-the-minute reports. But this is not a knock on the device itself. Those specific, minute by minute readings may capture peaks and valleys, but are sometimes inaccurate. It’s better to get a reading over a longer period of time for better accuracy.
  • With the Blueair Aware and compatible purifier, your device is always on, ready to kick in as needed. This helps you maintain fresh cleaner air consistently.
  • As with everything this company produces – design, functionality, and engineering are industry leading. In fact, these are trademarks of the brand. Blueair purifiers, the Blueair Aware, and the mobile app go hand-in-hand to make cleaner air effortless.


  • While the data the Blueair Aware provides is helpful, some of the features of the software make it less than ideal. For example, some of the fonts are quite small and difficult to read on the tiny screen of a phone.
  • Lost connectivity is an often mentioned problem. But this happens with many Wi-Fi devices. Often the real culprit is the router or service provider. Check there first. If you don’t have a strong connection, any device is going to have its challenges.
  • The Blueair Aware can notice various pollutants such as particulate matter of various kinds, but it is unable to specifically identify what that matter is. So what you’re getting is a general assessment rather than a specific one. For some people that’s all they need. For others, they would prefer a deeper insight.
    However, this is a common problem with all consumer models. In order to get more detail you’d have to spend significantly more money and you’d end up with a machine that is designed more for a lab than your kitchen.

The Verdict

All of us who live in or near cities should be concerned about air pollution. Air-quality is something that has a dramatic effect on one’s health and well-being. If you have a problem like asthma or allergies, you’ve probably already taken action of some sort. But we all benefit from cleaner, healthier indoor air.

While Blueair products are certainly not cheap, they are effective. In a world full of disposable, loud and inadequate purifiers, Blueair stands out as top choice. Pair it with the Aware device for monitoring and the smart phone app you’re getting the complete package.

Blueair Aware is a quality piece of equipment designed to be used in conjunction with a compatible air purifier. It’s a reliable product for monitoring the air inside your home and how it changes as you use your purifier. It enables you to assess the long-term air-quality trends and make any necessary adjustments.


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