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Father’s Day 2017: Smart Home Gifts For The Tech Savvy Dad

Finding any gift for Dad can be a difficult task, let alone trying to find a great gift. The challenge is to find something that is useful enough to warrant buying, but not so useful that he already bought it himself. Here are a few products that are useful and cool, yet new enough that most people don’t have them yet.

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11 Best Smart Kitchen Gadgets

The recent explosion of connected products has made its way into the kitchen. Some of these gadgets are pretty cool and have a bright future. Others, not so much. I have scoured the web and found 11 products that I think enhance your kitchen experience and can make your lives more convenient.

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4moms mamaRoo Review

“I wish I had another set of hands”, is a saying that you will hear a parent say at least once on any given day. It is something that has been said or thought for hundreds of years. As our society has gotten busier, having that extra set of hands seems more and more important. Luckily, 4moms has created an extra set of hands in the form of the mamaRoo. I used my mamaRoo for our son from about a week old to about 5 months.

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5 Awesome Smart Gadgets That Will Break Your Wallet

One of the best parts about surfing the web for all the latest smart gadgets is discovering the most opulent and decadent gadgets. While some are genuinely luxurious, others toe the line between awesome and ridiculous. Here are five of those products. You be the judge.

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