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Mysa Thermostat Review: Isn’t It Great When Something Just Works?


Line Voltage Smart Thermostat

4.0/5.0 ★★★★☆


✅ Reliable Wifi Connection
✅ Easy to Schedule
✅ No Extra hubs required
✅ Voice control for all 3 major platforms


❌ No native geofencing
❌ Bare minimum IFTTT implementation
❌ Minimal control from thermostat

Mysa reliably delivers the basics so you can extend your smart home to your line voltage heaters with minimal effort. It offers easy installation and setup without the need for any extra hub. Expect a reliable WiFi connection and a simple, smooth app experience. Advanced features like voice control and IFTTT integration are just icing on the cake.


For the past couple years, I’ve been patiently waiting for a truly smart thermostat to be created for line voltage heaters. People with low-voltage systems have had Nest and ecobee to play with for years, but people with line voltage systems have been left out in the cold.

It’s not that there hasn’t been ANY smart thermostats available for line voltage. There are a few models that have been available for several years. But, I’ve found that they usually fall into one of two categories:

a) attempt to be a full-featured smart thermostat but fail due to terrible connectivity and unusable apps.

b) a nice connected product that does what it’s supposed to but requires a third party hub and lots of user programming.

Since the vast majority of potential buyers are looking for a product that makes their life easier, neither option seems too appealing.

What does sound appealing?

How about a smart thermostat that does the basics really well? Reliable connection, no extra hubs, easy scheduling and zoning.

And perhaps once the basics are in place, some advanced smart features could be added? Voice control, IFTTT, geofencing, energy reports.

Is that too much to ask?…Read More

Line Voltage Smart Thermostats: Yes, They Do Exist

You have electric heat in your place. You probably have multiple thermostats to control that heat. Now you’ve decided it’s time to get those heaters some smart control. Is it even possible without spending hours hacking together a DIY solution? Of course it is. All it will take is a quick read of this article. I’ll fill you in on the latest products available and which ones will fit best in your home.…Read More

4 Wifi Thermostats For Electric Floor Heat

You’ve probably heard of people saving money using smart thermostats. However, most of the hugely popular thermostats like Nest or ecobee are not for use in high voltage applications like under floor heat. Fortunately, there are some smart thermostats available for electric floor heat. They just don’t get the same amount of press as the bigger names.

In this article, I’ll take a little time to explain what thermostats made specifically for electric floor heat can be used for and what they can’t be used for. Then, I’ll list a few of the models available for purchase in the US along with a brief description of how they might fit into your smart home.  …Read More

Best Smart Thermostat 2018: Which One Is Best For Your Home?

A thermostat is not something you want to replace every couple years, let alone after a couple months. And yet, if you scroll through reviews on Amazon, you’ll find tons of people that sent back their smart thermostats after a very short time. Don’t worry! You don’t need to be THAT person. There’s several really great smart thermostats on the market and millions of satisfied owners.

The best smart thermostat needs to be reliable, easy to use, and require minimal input from you. Keep reading and I’ll help you find the one that’s best for you.…Read More

Geofencing With IFTTT And Life360

UPDATE: I originally wrote this tutorial for use with the ecobee3 smart thermostat. However, the same general process can be used to setup geofencing for any smart home product that has an IFTTT channel. Just follow this tutorial and wherever I mention “ecobee3” just replace it with your product.

The Ecobee3 is great, but the smart home/away feature leaves a bit to be desired. It uses motion sensors placed in the Ecobee3 (see on Amazon) and its satellite sensors to determine whether your house is occupied or not. Unfortunately, there are several limitations with using only motion sensors as your home/away sensors:…Read More

How To Make The Most Of Your Ecobee Remote Sensors

The Ecobee3 remote sensors give the Ecobee3 thermostat a unique advantage over its competitors. You can set up these little satellite sensors anywhere in your home to give the Ecobee3 more knowledge of temperature and activity in your home. You’ll have to do a little bit of setup to tell the Ecobee3 exactly how to use this information to keep you comfortable, but it’s not too difficult and should only take a few minutes. Let’s get started!…Read More

Four Essential Products For Ultimate Smart Home Energy Savings

Heating and cooling costs make up 50% of the average household energy bill. A few smart home devices can help you take a big chunk out of that. Install the right devices, and you’ll end up with a greener home and a lower monthly energy bill. Next, I am going to tell you about four smart home products that can combine to reduce your monthly heating and cooling bill by about 34% and sometimes much more.
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Wiser Air Thermostat Review: The Best Is Yet To Come

The Wiser Air is a smart thermostat that can talk to your smart meter. It will allow energy customers to more effectively manage their energy usage to save as much money as possible. It will also allow energy providers to better anticipate demand and more easily offer incentives for reducing usage during periods of high demand. That’s the plan anyway.…Read More