Best Z Wave Smart Locks

Here is a list of the top Z Wave smart locks. If Z Wave is what you need, then skim through and you should be able to find a lock that fits your needs.

My current favorite is the Schlage Connect. It’s a reasonably priced, reliable, power-sipping model that comes in multiple styles and finishes. Plus, it comes with a 3-year warranty on electronics.

Deciding Factors

Like any class of products, the main models have a lot of features in common. This is especially true with Z Wave devices since most of the control is relinquished to your Z Wave hub. However, the features that help you decide which is best for you are usually the features they don’t have in common.

Built in alarm

The Schlage Connect has a built-in alarm that sounds when a potential break-in is detected. It is the only lock on this list with this feature.

Key or no key?

The Yale Assure lock has the option to purchase a keyless model. The lack of a keyhole eliminates the opportunity for an intruder to pick the lock.

The Ultraloq Pro has a fingerprint reader for yet another quick way to gain access. It still has a keyhole, but it’s hidden behind fingerprint reader.

Deadbolt replacement or retrofit?

The deadbolt replacement locks completely replace your existing deadbolt inside and out.

The August and Danalock are retrofit smart locks and install on the inside of an existing deadbolt. From the outside, the lock looks and functions the same, so a passerby would not know that you have a smart lock installed.

The Haven lock doesn’t fit into either category. It is a completely different way to think about door locks and offers extreme security against a potential break-in.

Optional app

While all these models can be completely controlled with your Z Wave hub, the Yale, August, Danalock, and Ultraloq come with BlueTooth capability or a WiFi bridge to allow for additional control using a manufacturer supplied app.

Battery Life

All of these models use very low-power communication protocols, so the bulk of the battery usage is going to come from locking/unlocking. Therefore, the life of the batteries will depend on how frequently you lock/unlock the lock.

As an example, I have a Schlage Connect installed on my front door, but my front door rarely gets used. I would say on average, the lock electronically opens/closes 2 or 3 times per week. Under that light usage for about six months, the lock is still reporting 96% battery life.

As another example, the Ultraloq lists their battery life at 8000 open/closes. That gives it a battery life of about 1 year if you have 20 daily open/closes.

I suspect that models that have the additional BlueTooth connectivity will require more power (and more frequent battery replacement) than the Z Wave only models.

The Big List of Z Wave Smart Locks

Rather than just dump a big list on the page for you to fumble through, I figured it would be more helpful to break these locks down into a few categories:

Deadbolt Replacement Smart Locks

These locks are complete deadbolts. They come with all necessary trim for inside and outside. If you have an existing deadbolt, you will need to remove it before installing the new smart lock.

NOTE: Many of the following models come in a variety of trims (styles) and finishes (colors). I’ve noticed that the different trims and finishes vary in price even though the “guts” are basically all the same. So if you’re interested in deal shopping, and you’re not 100% set on a certain look, it’s worth it to click through all the different available combinations to maybe find a big discount.

Schlage Connect Z Wave

SCHLAGE BE469ZP CAM 619 Connect Smart Deadbolt with alarm with Camelot Trim in Satin Nickel, Z-Wave Plus enabled

The Schlage Connect Z Wave smart lock is the lock that I have on my front door. Schlage is a well-respected name in the lock industry and their connected models have been around for many years.

It comes in a variety of trims and each trim comes in multiple finishes. I chose the Camelot trim with a bright chrome finish.

It also comes with a limited lifetime mechanical/finish warranty AND a 3-year electronics warranty.

You can open the lock 3 ways: a traditional key (comes with two), enter an access code on the touchpad (program up to 30 codes), or remotely using your Z Wave hub.

One unique feature of the Schlage Connect lock is an integrated alarm. The alarm has 3 different modes and each can be individually enabled or disabled.

Alarm TypeActivated ByAlarm Noise
Activityopening or closing the door (doesn’t matter if the door is locked or unlocked)Two beeps
Tamperattempted lock picking15 seconds shrill
Forced Entryattempted forced entry3 minutes shrill
This table shows the Schlage Connect alarm modes. How-To Geek explains it in even greater detail right here.

You can also enable an auto-lock feature that engages the lock 30 seconds after the lock is unlocked. When I first got the lock, I enabled this. But, I found it more annoying than anything so it didn’t take long for me to disable it again. There were too many times when I stepped outside for a bit and by the time I went back in, the door was locked on me. I wasn’t locked out, but I had to enter the code to get back in which was annoying. If I know I want the door locked, I prefer to just hit the “Schlage” button to lock the door.

Of course, the coolest way to manage locking and unlocking is to have it happen automatically through your home automation hub.

Ultraloq U-Bolt Z Wave Smart Lock

ULTRALOQ Z-Wave Smart Lock, 5 in 1 Keyless Entry Door Lock, Z-Wave Door Lock with Door Sensor, Works with Z-Wave Plus, Home Assistant, Compatible with SmartThings, Hubitat, Ezlo, etc, Deadbolt Lock

The Ultraloq U-Bolt has an ANSI Grade 1 rating. That means the components are rated for a commercial setting. They are built stronger to last longer.

The Ultraloq U-Bolt also comes in a Pro version. The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro has the addition of a fingerprint reader. The Pro version still has a keyhole, but it’s hidden behind the fingerprint panel which folds down.

As far as looks, the Ultraloq is limited to one style that comes in two colors: Satin Nickel or Black.

It comes with a door sensor so that the lock knows when the door is open or closed. The lock will not engage the auto-lock feature if it senses that the door is open.

In addition to Z Wave, the Ultraloq also has BlueTooth which allows you to connect to your lock and manage it using the Ultraloq app when you are within BlueTooth range. You can also purchase the optional WiFi bridge so that you can use the Ultraloq app to manage the lock from anywhere.

Buy directly from Ultraloq: Get 10% OFF your U-Bolt with code WELCOME-ABOARD

Yale Assure Z Wave Enabled Keypad Deadbolt

Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave, Key-Free Touchscreen Deadbolt, Satin Nickel

ust like the Schlage lock above, the Yale Assure Z-Wave models have the option to use one touch lock, enable a timed auto-lock, and customize your access codes.

The Yale Assure lock doesn’t have as many style options as the other brands. It’s only available in one trim and three finishes.

However, it does have the additional option of being purchased either with the keyhole or without.

By eliminating the keyhole, it eliminates the chance that an intruder can pick the lock. It also eliminates the ability to unlock it with a key if the batteries die. If the batteries do die or become too weak to unlock the bolt, the key-free version comes with a slot that allows it to be charged with a 9V battery so that an access code can be used to gain entry.

The Yale Assure line also has a lever lock model for installations without a deadbolt.

Baldwin Touchscreen Z Wave Deadbolt

8225.102.ZW Minneapolis Touchscreen ZWave Deadbolt - Oil-Rubbed Bronze

I am not an expert on the inner workings of locks, so I can’t say for sure that the higher price of Baldwin buys you a better lock. But the exterior finish on a Baldwin is meant to look great on day one and stay that way for a lifetime, which makes it a great choice for the front door.

Baldwin’s touchscreen with Z Wave models come in two styles (Minneapolis and Boulder) and 17 high-quality finishes, so there’s something for everyone, right?

Just like the others, it comes with a 30 second auto-lock option, one touch locking, and up to 30 programmable access codes.

Unlike the others, the Baldwin locks use Kwikset’s SecureScreen technology to help avoid the threat of an intruder guessing the code by seeing what numbers have the most fingerprint residue. It does this by requiring you first press two random digits before entering your code. I personally think this sounds kind of annoying. And on top of that, I don’t think an intruder that is sophisticated enough to attempt an attack like that would suddenly be foiled by the extra numbers.

Retrofit Smart Locks – Best for Apartments

A retrofit smart lock replaces the inside part of the deadbolt, but leaves everything on the outside the same. You can still lock/unlock your door with a key and there’s no need to change keys either.

I think these types of smart locks make a lot of sense if you live in an apartment. If necessary, the landlord can still access the apartment because the outside key still works.

August Smart Lock Pro

August Home Smart Lock Pro + Connect Hub - Wi-Fi Smart Lock for Keyless Entry - Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and more – Silver

The August Smart Lock Pro DOES work with Z Wave (Here’s proof on the August website). However, for some reason, most of the product listings for it seem to avoid mentioning it.

The August Smart Lock Pro has Z Wave, BlueTooth, connects to HomeKit, and connects to WiFi to access the August app via the August Connect hub. It also includes Door Sense which is an open/close sensor that mounts on the door. And, it integrates with a whole bunch of smart home heavyweights: see the list

I suspect most people that specifically want a Z Wave smart lock don’t need all the extra features (and potential problems?) that come with the August. In my experience, “Z Wave people” prefer to get in the weeds and do the automation stuff themselves.

That said, when all its features work as intended, the August Smart Lock Pro is one of the best available smart locks, and it does have Z Wave so I guess it belongs on this list.

The August Gen 2 was actually my first smart lock. I used it back when I had an apartment and was not allowed to replace the outside half of the lock. I was generally happy with it (my review), but ultimately I retired it because I got sick of replacing the batteries every couple months.

However, reviews are all over the place with this one (Gen 3). Some people love it…and others hate it. Most complaints are about cheap plastic construction, unreliable auto-unlock, and poor customer service. Unfortunately, there’s enough hate out there to give me pause before buying another August. But, just in case any August reps are reading, I’d happily test and review another one if a free sample happens to show up on my doorstep, wink-wink.

Check Price: August Smart Lock Pro

Danalock v3 Bluetooth & Z Wave Smart Lock

No products found.

Like the August lock, the Danalock is another retrofit smart lock. It replaces the inside half of your deadbolt. It is a Z Wave lock, but it also comes with Bluetooth connectivity.

This means you still get the same ability to control your lock via your Z Wave hub.

But in addition, the Bluetooth allows for custom control that works via the Danalock app when you are within Bluetooth range. So instead of relying on your Z Wave hub/app for configuring features like auto-lock/unlock, you can rely on the Danalock app.

The most pointless feature award goes to Danalock…

How many times have you been right in the middle of turning your deadbolt and thought to yourself “Gee, my hand is tired from all this twisting. It sure would be great if a machine could take over and finish this task”?

I’m sure the answer to that is almost certainly zero times. Nevertheless, Danalock has the perfect solution to this non-problem:

They call it “Twist Assist”. If you happen to be turning the lock knob to either lock or unlock, the lock motor will take over and complete the locking or unlocking for you. Hallelujah!

No products found.

Most Secure – Haven Connect Z

The Haven lock is NOT a typical door lock. Basically, it’s a big door stop that screws to your floor. When it’s installed properly, it has a history of making would-be intruders look foolish. Burglars that are used to kicking in doors by busting out the deadbolt are in for a nasty little treat if they run into a Haven lock.

The regular (not connected) Haven lock is a security beast, but it can only be locked and unlocked from inside the home. Of course, you’re probably most concerned about intruders when you or your family are inside the home. Nevertheless, the addition of remote control via Z-Wave lets you benefit from the Haven lock’s added security when you are away from home as well.

Like every good smart home product, the lock can also be operated manually (with your foot). If the locking gate is down, step on the gate and it pops up. When the gate is up (the locked position), step on it to push it down and it sticks in the retracted position.

The Haven lock is also versatile enough to be used as one of the only smart locks available for sliding glass doors. To convert the Haven lock for use with a sliding glass door, just add the sliding glass door accessory kit.

The last thing that I really like about Haven is that it’s a veteran owned, American company. See their story

Check Price: Haven Connect Z-Wave

Final Thoughts

Z-Wave makes a lot of sense for a smart lock. It uses very little power, has proven security, and is as reliable as you can get for the smart home. Plus, it even integrates with some home security systems. Because of the Z-Wave certification process, you really can’t go wrong with the Z-Wave part of the lock. That means the only part of the lock you need to worry about is everything else.

I purchased the Schlage Connect for my front door because it’s been around for a long time and has been proven to be reliable. Plus, Schlage has been around for awhile and has a long history of building quality locks.

The same could be said for Yale and Baldwin, but I prefer the look of the Schlage over the Yale, and the price of the Schlage over the Baldwin.

The one lock in the deadbolt replacement category that I really need to try is the Ultraloq. They make a solid lock with lots of smart features and have sold a ton of locks.

As for the retrofit locks like August and Danalock, they have their place. I think they make the most sense if you don’t want to (or aren’t allowed to) replace the outside of your lock. Considering the fact that they only replace half the lock, you’d think the cost would be a little lower…like half, maybe??

Lastly, if you’re looking for serious security against a break-in, the Haven lock is your best bet. It’s quite unconventional, but this thing literally embarrasses would-be intruders.

Thanks for reading, and if this article helped you out, feel free to leave me a comment below!

9 thoughts on “Best Z Wave Smart Locks”

  1. I also purchased the Schlage Connect, motorized zwave, touchscreen deadbolt this year, after having two older Schlage manual zwave deadbolts with the rubber buttons and finding them pretty reliable for years.
    My only complaints on the old ones was that the battery box hardware broke and the subscription to their cloud access for the hub is price ey and has changed names twice from Schlage Link, to Nexia, and now to Trane Home.
    But I have not been successful in adding the new Schlage deadbolt to my zwave network. As far as I can tell, it’s because the new lock uses ZWave+ while my hub is OG ZWave. But no user forums have offrred any help. So I’ve only been able to use the lock as a stand alone. Even then, I find the motorized deadbolt slow and noisy. I find there are very few occasions where a motorized deadbolt would be essential, like locking it remotely. Most of the time, I could have turned the manual deadbolt much more quickly with my old ZWave locks. But I do like the touchscreen surface and big numbers that won’t wear out quickly. The old rubber buttons were easy to operate without looking through. And none of these lock makers have yet to solve the outdoor gate dilemma, or the outer security screen dilemma.

  2. I’m shopping for a Z Wave lock that is compatible with I’m unsure why one z lock would differ from another regarding repeater communication capabilities and not be compatible with Is there something different about one Z-Wave repeater supplied by versus a Z-Wave repeater provided by a second alarm company? The dealer for my profile is trying to keep me inside a box of selecting only the locks that they suggest. I’m not big on people pushing marketing if they lack the product I want. I am stuck with with my present house. I want to buy a lock that works best for me. Do you see or have anything to share to support either argument?

    1. Have you had any success in having your questions answered? I just went with and am too in the market for an electronic lock to purchase for a door I’m having installed.

  3. First of all, thank you for this amazing article.
    WHAT in the heck is going on with the zwave market right now (Sep 2023)? August’s website says I can buy their smartlock pro, but literally every time I do they just cancel the order. Their customer service IS ABSOLUTE garbage. “try again later” “stop making typos” “try tomorrow”. I finally looked around, and TONS of other websites carrying their PRO locks are saying it was discontinued by August. You’d think August customer support would be able to figure it out after 8 cancelled orders but they are happily oblivious over 3 days of emails

    The Danalock has the same story. I can find PLENTY of their non-z-wave models, but ZERO zwave compatible models.. Very upsetting.

  4. Have struggled with Schlage locks for years, the winter is especially bad. They freeze
    up internally. Electronics get wet from moisture. Afraid to go out as may not be able to get back in.

    Doesn’t anybody make a lock that is weatherproof?

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