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Lots of experts recommend smart switches over smart bulbs because they are easier to use. However, without smart bulbs, you won’t get the awesome benefit of color changing or white-shifting lights. You can debate the pros and cons ...Read More

My house was built in 1909. It still has pieces of the original knob and tube electrical wiring nailed to the floor joists in the basement. Thankfully, the electrical has been updated since then. Unfortunately, I still have ...Read More

This isn’t a massively long list for a reason. Believe me, there’s a ton of stuff Alexa can do. I could easily list 100 features. But, the truth is, not all of them are worth your time. In ...Read More

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In this article, I’ll show you how to take a regular 5000W electric heater and turn it into a smart heater using a low-cost WiFi smart switch and a relay. ...Read More

Smart lighting is one of the best ways to use smart home technology. But doing it well takes a little planning. Part of that planning is deciding when to use smart bulbs and when to install smart switches. ...Read More

The Lumos Candle is a candle that lights with the push of a button. It’s not one of those lame LED candles either. It’s a REAL soy wax candle with a REAL flame. ...Read More

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Thinking about buying a robotic lawn mower so you don’t have to fool with cutting the grass anymore? Me too. I’m not a huge fan of mowing the lawn. It’s a chore. I don’t want a sloppy, weedy, ...Read More

Regular smoke alarms are dirt cheap. The cheapest models can be bought for about $5. The city I live in actually gives them away for free. So why would anybody pay $100 or more for a single smoke ...Read More

Smart showers can perform actions that you never thought possible—or needed—just a couple years ago. I know there’s some naysayers out there that will say, “How hard is it turn a knob? You must be lazy to want ...Read More

A smart sprinkler controller has the power to be your own personal lawn care expert. As a class of products, I think smart sprinklers are one of the most effective and useful smart products you can buy today. ...Read More