8 Smart Products For Smart Parents And Healthy Babies

It’s 3 am and you wake up startled. Is your baby still breathing? You get out of bed, run to their room as quietly as possible, and peek in their crib. Relief floods over you as you realize you, once again, overreacted. Raising a child isn’t for the faint of heart. Check out these 8 products to make your life easier today.

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Review: Homekit Enabled August Smart Lock Is Better Than I Expected

The Homekit enabled August smart lock allows you to use an app to lock and unlock your door. You can even setup options that will automatically lock and unlock your door as you come and go. If you go for full smart home integration, you will also be able to coordinate other smart home actions with the locking and unlocking of your August smart lock.
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Ecobee3 Remote Sensors: Installation, Range, and Placement

The Ecobee3 remote sensors give the Ecobee3 thermostat a unique advantage over its competitors. You can set up these little satellite sensors anywhere in your home to give the Ecobee3 more knowledge of temperature and activity in your home. You’ll have to do a little bit of setup to tell the Ecobee3 exactly how to use this information to keep you comfortable, but it’s not too difficult and should only take a few minutes. Let’s get started! Continue reading